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Please see below a list of machinery available to hire:

Paving Block Cutter – manual 

Paving Slab Cutter – hydraulic 

Disc Cutter – 300mm 2-stroke 

Trolley for above 

Floor Saw – 350mm petrol

Floor Saw – 450mm diesel 

Floor Planer – 200mm petrol 

Masonry Sawbench – 350 to 450mm petrol 

Diamond Core Cutter – handheld 

Diamond Core Drill Rig – 250mm 

Vibrating Poker – petrol drive unit only 

Vibrating Poker – flex drive 25mm head 

Vibrating Poker – flex drive 36mm head 

Vibrating Poker – flex drive 45mm head 

Vibrating Poker – flex drive 60mm head 

Vibrating Poker – air 40 to 75mm 

Power Trowel – 900 petrol – trowel blades charged as sale item 

Floating disc for above 

Easy Float – c/w 3 section handle 

Double Beam Screeder – petrol unit only 

Beams & handle for above – 4.2 to 6.2m 

Hand Tamp – single 4.5 c/w handles

Vibration Reduced Equipment - contact us to find out more ...

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